Matratzen Concord | Betten dass?

I had the pleasure to work on the TV Spot series of Matratzen Concord – “Betten dass?” with the great team of The Marmalade – Düsseldorf. I had the chance to work on almost every stage of post-production. I have created the 2d animated LED Screen on the stage, a part of the packshot animations in After Effects, and the logo transition in Cinema 4D. Then, I helped with the video compositing in Nuke and then finished in Flame. It was a great experience and a real pleasure!

Client: Matratzen Concord
Production & Postproduction: The Marmalade
Director: Sven Stausberg
Art Direction & Set Design: Henning Herholz
3D & 2D: Henning Herholz, Daniel Ahmakov
Compositing: Dirk Jansen-Michels, Daniel Ahmakov