4 Tage bis zur Ewigkeit

Based on the mysterious legend of Idilia Dubb. Germany, 19th century, Middle Rhein Valley. The dreamy Idilia (Lea van Acken) awakes injured in the midst of a gloomy castle ruin and can’t remember anything that happened before. When she discovers in horror that there is no escaping the towering castle walls, she begins a grueling fight for survival. Only her nebulous diary can help her decipher the past, which exposes a secret romance with Abyssinian actor Caven (Eric Kabongo), a performer in a human zoo exhibition run by her fiancee Franz Hagerberg (André M. Hennicke). Idilia’s written record, however, blurs the lines between reality and fiction.

Directors: Konstantin Korenchuk & Simon Pilarski
Cast: Lea van Acken, Eric Kabongo, André Hennicke
Title Design & Animation, Final Credits: Daniel Ahmakov


CARNIVAL GAMES – Short Narrative

It is Carnival week. The two main characters are pushed into a breaking-point situation. Will they play by the carnival rules or they will trust their hearts? An intense story of anger, revenge, love, and dual roles.

Woman: Tina Harry
Man: Tony Stoyanov
Writer|director: Daniel Ahmakov
Producers: Haritina Vladimirova
DOP: Dimitar Rozov
Editor: Daniel Ahmakov
Music: Aleksander Andonov


A short animated story about our choices and the marks of our souls.

story & director: Daniel Ahmakov
production & post-production: A Bros Pro | pixBoutique